The Best Unwrapped Gift

Going to a birthday party on such a short notice gives you the limited time of having your gift wrapped for the special occasion. It could be worse if you don’t have the time to find any gift at all. The stakes are higher if the celebrant is a teenage girl who can be so unpredictable at times. I went through this a couple of months back before Christmas. My niece was having her birthday a week before Christmas and I didn’t want to just get anything and pray she likes it. She can be so picky so I had to take up my game in finding the best gift for her birthday and for the holidays. Good thing I came across Petite n Pretty on the internet! I seriously got lucky! At first, I thought I would have to wrap them up but upon seeing how they make their packaging, I was astounded! It was amazing! There is no need to have it wrapped up. It’s really cute and just proves that it is one of the best gifts for teenage girls.

I took the chance and I definitely made the right choice in choosing the makeup from Petite n Pretty as a gift for my lovely niece. She loved it the moment she picked it up from the gift table. One thing I am sure of is that this is one of the best makeup gift ideas ideally for teen girls! As we all know, the most important thing about being a teenager is to carry yourself with confidence. It may come from looks, intellect, family background, basically anything that defines their existence during that phase of their lives. So this makeup is definitely a positive life-changing experience for my teenage niece. She even thinks I am the best aunt in the world. Thanks to Petite n Pretty’s Best Birthday Bundle that includes the 9021!-GLOW Eye and Cheek Palette which is a collection of 6 velvety eyeshadows in sheer shimmers to satins, plus matte blush and beaming highlighter. You also get to pick your choice for 10K Shine Lip Gloss between Shell Shock and Gia Pink that is also included in the Best Birthday Bundle. It is so adorable. Smells the best too! They have Cloud Mine scent that is currently registered as Petite n Pretty’s trademark.

They currently have the limited edition Sparkle Squad Forever Gift Set that is perfect for every teen girls. It is actually a limited edition Pink Pact Gloss Set to share. The good thing that can definitely come out of it is your special teen can share this to her favorite best friend! Let’s not forget that it is the perfect addition to the girls’ makeup kit! Petite n Pretty has it all covered. They have the Beauty Bag – Pink Canvass. A really affordable and cute girls makeup kit up for grab as it actually shimmers and has a cotton candy-colored material. They also got the 9021-SNOW! Beauty Bag which is the perfect fluffy place to keep all the girls’ makeup.  This is indeed the best-unwrapped gift you can give your special teen. 

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